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The state of solar in New Mexico

New Mexico is a dry desert state with an average of 278 sunny days and only 60 rainy or snowy days each year.* Having plentiful access to bright sunlight places New Mexico is in an optimal position to make the most of solar energy production. And with over 30,513 statewide solar installations thus far, New Mexico is taking advantage of its uniquely sunny climate.*

New Mexico continues to improve its solar energy generation each year. In January 2021, the state announced a renewable energy lease for the Wildcat Solar Power Plant, spanning 960 acres in McKinley County.*

How much solar energy does New Mexico produce?

New Mexico produces 1,210.9 MW of solar power through its thousands of solar panel installations across the state.* These installations generate enough solar energy to power 287,628 homes and allow New Mexico to power 6.4% of its electricity through solar energy.

What are the advantages of going solar in New Mexico?

Now is the most affordable time to switch to solar power in New Mexico. The solar installation prices have fallen 43% over the last five years, making going solar less burdensome on the budget than ever before.

Additionally, with the savings on energy bills that New Mexico homeowners can produce after switching to solar, some New Mexico families have even profited off their solar switch. The average home in New Mexico saves $25,526 during the 20 years following their solar purchase and installation.*

Even better, New Mexico homeowners take an average of just 10.41 years to pay back their solar panel installations with the savings they’ve accrued.* In other words, going solar is a wise investment that pays for itself over time.

What’s the best way to go solar in New Mexico?

Switching to solar energy is an investment that could produce benefits for you and your family for decades to come, not to mention the environmental benefits that come from using clean energy. However, an important step in getting the most out of your transition to solar power is to work with a knowledgeable solar provider throughout the entire process.

A professional solar provider can design a custom installation that preserves your home’s curb appeal, adheres to your budget, and achieves your energy goals. When you schedule a consultation, your solar provider will survey your property, ask you important questions, and craft a solution that meets your needs.

Get started now by requesting your home solar consultation. We’ll follow up with a quick call to schedule a time. You can also call us directly at (800) 786-7693.

Looking for commercial solar in New Mexico?

SunPower is the top commercial solar provider in the U.S.* Schedule a commercial solar consultation today.

  • *. Wood Mackenzie, US PV Leaderboard (March 2021). SunPower ranked #1 in cumulative commercial volume 2017-2020

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